Return Man 5

returnman5Return Man 5 Linebacker is an awesome game for those you love playing american football online. In this version, you are playing as a defender who have to tackle the guy with the ball in order to succeed. The most difficult thing in this game is that the attack consists of several players and the first thing you have to do is to identify the one with the ball. If you manage to catch him before he reaches the finish line – you win, if not – you will start the round from the beginning. Keep in mind, that in Return Man 5 you have limited number of tries, I mean that you will have to start the whole game from the beginning if you lose. But keep in mind, that if you are playing this game at our website, your progress will not be deleted and you can continue playing later.

During the game, you must use special perks that will increase your power. For example, you should get an icon with lightning – this will give you boost in speed to catch the attack player and get the ball. Return Man 5 is available at our website for free, so I am sure you will have some fun with us. All you have to do is to bookmark our website.